Curtain Raisers

Corrected emailerPaul will be appearing in the Opera della luna production of “Curtain Raisers” – playing Box in Sullivan & Burnand’s “Cox & Box” and Giraffier in Offenbach’s “Les Deux Aveugles”.

The dates are as follows:

28 Aug 7.30 The Theatre, Chipping Norton

29 Aug 2.30 The Theatre, Chipping Norton

31 Aug 7.45 Wilton’s Music Hall, London

1 Sep 7.30   Wilton’s Music Hall, London

2 Sep 2.30 & 7.30  Wilton’s Music Hall, London

3 Sep 7.30  Wilton’s Music Hall, London

4 Sep 2.30 & 7.30 Wilton’s Music Hall, London

8 Sep 7.30 CAST Theatre, Doncaster


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